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DORO® Maintenance Service

Take good care of your valuable DORO® products. Our Maintenance Service will help you.


DORO LUCENT® Disposable Skull Pin

The perfect balance of imaging quality and overall pin stability.


DORO® QR3 Skull Clamp

Your everyday companion in non-imaging neurosurgical approaches. A time saving and versatile device. Safe for your patients, convenient for you.


DORO LUNA® Retractor System

Our most flexible and adaptable brain retractor system in the market. This system will adapt to your needs. Every time.


DORO® Lubricant HP500

Keep your products in good shape with our High Performance Instrument Care Oil.


DORO LUCENT® iMRI Headrest Systems

An advanced neurosurgical headholder solution for iMRI guided surgeries.


DORO® Skull Clamp Radiolucent for Spinal Frames

A radiolucent headholder solution designed to work with most of the common Spinal Frame OR Tables. Allows the patient's head to be lowered between frame tubes.


DORO® Multi-Purpose Skull Clamp

Our most versatile Skull Clamp on the market, offering multiple invasive and non-invasive set up possibilities. For pediatric as well as adult applications.

DORO COBRA® Adaptors

Directly connect DORO COBRA® Flexible Rotary Arms to the QR3 Skull Clamp. The perfect addition to the DORO LUNA Retractor System.


DORO LUCENT® Headrest System

System of choice for all procedures applying X-Ray, DSA and iCT imaging. Easy to mount, easy to handle.

DORO® Quick-Clamp with Starburst

Attaches to the Quick-Rail® of the DORO® Skull Clamp Radiolucent. A stable and secure connection point for third party devices like the Brainlab VarioGuide.


DORO® QR3 Headrest System Teflon®

Autoclavable. Can be sterilized for high risk infection patients.


DORO® Navigation Adaptors

To ensure a secure and accurate navigationassisted operation