Successful Triathlon kick-off for Team Pro Med Instruments

At their first joint competition, PMI took off with one relay team and one single starter.

Four pro med instruments employees shone at the 23 “Freiburg Triathlon” at the Seeparkstadion last Sunday. Sandra Untenberger, Lutz Babilon and Matthias Aßmann started together as a relay team, while Urs Brunner as only US-American participant mastered the Olympic distance in single evaluation.

Relay and individual started contemporaneous at 9:30 am with a 1.5-kilometer long swimming distance at the Flückinger See. Afterwards, the change to the bike took place and the relay team had their first baton handover. After the 40 kilometer cycle route, the 10 kilometer long running course, divided into four laps, had to be mastered. This was especially exhausting for the individual starters.

Overall, it was an extremely successful competition for all four PMI-triathletes, who started with great fun and verve and finished with great times.