Company soccer tournament in Umkirch

Company soccer tournament “Grümpelturnier” in Umkirch - The most important thing is not winning but taking part

In an action packed company soccer competition in Umkirch, Pro Med Instruments faced seven challengers on Friday.

The Olympic ideal that taking part is everything was in the foreground at the company soccer competition, which took place in Umkirch on Friday. Pro Med Instruments was sending a fresh, young team in PMI-blue shirts into the playground. Martin Schelb, Simon Eckelt, Alexander Kuhn and Erik Worms for PMI, plus Daniel Bury, Pascal Schulz and Patrick Gebhard for Feinmechanik being involved. Enthusiastic colleagues fueled the team.

Alexander Kuhn quickly gathered the players and added the four externs Raphael, Ahmed, Marvin und Luyi. So-called “Grümpelturniere” are lightweight versions of real soccer tournaments, but gather a momentum of their own: played on a field reduced in size and with only nine minutes in length a “Grümpelturnier”-game is fast paced and over in no time.

Teams consist of only seven players who can spontaneously be replaced by substitutes during the match. „You have to reach operating temperature quite quickly“, Alexander Kuhn states. Obviously the PMI team did, as they were not even bothered by the drizzling rain. At 4.20 pm, PMI opposed the Merkur Frucht team in their first match. As the evening progressed the PMI company sports group played against six more teams of Elektro Schillinger, Uniwetec, the Riot Police, Metallbau Früh, Helio Solar and Depuy Synthes. The last team, supplied by Medical Device Company Depuy Synthes, was seen as the toughest rival by many PMI-players.

Overall PMI had to suffer five defeats, but gained two victories. That PMI did not reach the final had no impact on the overall good mood. All players and supporters enjoyed the evening in a relaxing atmosphere with a collective beer.